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Office 365 ®

Lower initial capital costs and predictable recurring expenses

Cloud services virtually eliminate the need for large infrastructure investment, allowing smaller customers to obtain IT services without major capital expenditures. And because cash flow is a top concern for many of these organizations, small businesses are ideal candidates for prepackaged cloud solutions offered at predictable monthly rates.

Greater agility and scalability

The cloud provides greater agility and scalability to adapt to changing workloads and needs with high availability and quicker deployment.

Enhanced ability to focus on other strategic initiatives

Because cloud services generally result in lower IT expenses and greater capabilities, they allow businesses to place more focus on strategic initiatives.

Access to enterprise-class software and capabilities

Cloud services provide small business customers with access to enterprise-class software that was previously out of reach due to the financial and management resources required.

According to a study conducted for Microsoft by the Institute for Partner Education and Development, by mid-2011, as many as two-thirds of all small businesses are expected to use some form of cloud service, depending on the market.  Small-business customers have many of the same basic IT needs as larger customers, such as communication, security, reliability, storage, and desktop management. However, small businesses lack the resources of larger organizations, so they have a limited ability to make major capital investments in IT.

Office 365 has enterprise-grade reliability, continuous data back-ups, robust disaster recovery capabilities, globally-redundant data centers, and extensive privacy features. Get peace of mind that your services are available with an industry-leading, financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Office 365 works seamlessly with Outlook and other Office tools you already know. Securely create, store, and edit* Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint files using a web browser. Users can work off- or online.


All midsize businesses and enterprise plans (E plans) include:

Some midsize business and enterprise plans (E plans) also include:

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Microsoft Office 365 Video Demo Showcase
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Office 365 for enterprises demo part 1: Introduction

Office 365 for enterprises demo part 2: Using Outlook

Office 365 for enterprises demo part 3: Scheduling Meetings

Office 365 for enterprises demo part 4: Collaborating on Documents

Office 365 for enterprises demo part 5: Mobile Productivity

Office 365 for enterprises demo part 6: The Admin Experience

What is Office 365?  

Watch First for an overall view of what Office 365 is and what it can do for you!