Carlsbad Municipal School District Goes To the Top of The Class

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Carlsbad Municipal School District goes to the top of the class thanks to VDI powered by Lenovo

Carlsbad Municipal K-12 School District, Carlsbad, New Mexico

“I was excited to give QCM a trial. When that went smooth, we had Brian from QCM do all the work for the first few tests. I told [my group] that if Brian did all this, I know how Steven works, let’s use QCM for a bigger project. That’s where we started replacing the backbone of the network and student machines.”

—Wayne Steffan,
System Administrator,
Carlsbad Municipal School District

Existing network connectivity issues could not manage 300-plus students logging on simultaneously. Slow performance prevented them from having access to mandatory academic resources and materials.

QCM replaced the backbone infrastructure and student machines with the powerful Lenovo Flex System, driven by Intel, and IBM Flash Storage Systems, VMware Horizon, Dell Wyse Thin Clients, to complete this solution: Virtualization, Servers, Storage, Application Software, Thin Clients, and QCM Services.


  • Impressive scalability allows for additional capacity to ensure continual maximum performance
  • Same system implemented to support critical back office systems, including Microsoft Exchange environment, file and print servers, and financial applications
  • Have rolled out VDI to all district elementary, junior high, and high schools
  • VDI desktops offer all state mandatory testing applications
  • Roll-out of image updates reduced from weeks to 7 minutes
  • Schedule allowance of updates allows no disruption to services
  • Boost in performance enables staff to work more productively and students to get the most from their education


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