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What can AI and ML do for your business? Let us explain how AI and ML can work for you:

Artificial Intelligence continues to find many uses in problem solving and pattern recognition, allowing machines to simulate learning at any level of intelligence. It can help diagnose medical issues, identify whether email attachments have been infected with a virus, and even identify next move of the attackers to a network. The ability to do this can save your network from serious harm. A subgroup of AI is Machine Learning, where machines decipher data and learn for themselves and can recognize patterns on their own and then make predictions based on that knowledge.



How Collaboration is Driving IoT Innovation



Dell Solutions for Big Data and Analytics


Big Data Analytics is the process of examining large and diverse data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown parallels, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organizations make more-informed business decisions. In cases of solving a customer issue, having Big Data Analytics can help improve the levels of customer service by solving customer pain points before they happen. It can reduce health costs by analyzing patient behavior and personalizing patient treatment, resulting in improved service.

Call QCM to see what benefits await your business.


In today’s ever-changing realm of technology, hard data storage is not the only way to go. Cloud computing is a new option available for remote data storage that can transform the ways users can access data.

The new foundations available will give you the flexibility to manage your environment in ways that are quick and reliable.



Next-Generation Hyperconverged Data Center



Composability Delivers the Data Center of the Future


QCM Technologies offers database services to help manage your databases via cloud computing. No physical hardware to install and it's always configured for performance. Reduce labor costs, automate your back-ups, ensure security, and efficiently increase the speed of performance. You can also test and develop stages of your database application on a public cloud, and once it’s ready, move it to a permanent system with ease.

Let our team of experts prove how we can offer you these benefits today.


Deep Learning is an artificial intelligence function imitating workings of the human brain when it processes data, and creates patterns for use in decision making. It requires Big Data to learn from, and is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

QCM can help you understand the practical and greater uses of Deep Learning.



5 Ways To Transform Your Workplace for the Digital Age



Is Wi-Fi Secure Enough For the Federal Government?


We recognize that Federal, State, and Local government agencies require a higher professional need for specific services. Storage, storage simplification, speed, analytics use and processing, and security are paramount to the efficient function of your environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning are strong needs to secure your environment.

You can rely on our 300+ years of combined experience to help you address what you need, safely, securely, and efficiently.


Hardware Redundancy is the duplication of critical components, functions of a system, or system design that is duplicated. If the original hardware fails, this installed backup will preserve the reliability of the system. What if your system went down? The use of hardware redundancy will allow you to keep your business operational.

QCM can offer you ways to design and plan for a trusted highly-available or backup solution that is cost effective and smart for your business.



Accelerating Network Virtualization Overlays



SAN Networking – That’s a Picture of Health


Since the 1960’s, supercomputers have evolved to meet continually increasing demands for processing speed, bringing together the technologies of algorithms, programs, computer architecture, electronics, and system software; operating under a single umbrella to quickly and efficiently solve advanced problems. This umbrella is now known as High-Performance Computing (HPC) and to meet the high computing demands of today calls for many of today’s industries to use HPC. Customers want more information sooner than later and having access to the best information in a faster way will help your business stand against the competition.

Let us show you how HPC can work for you, and bring you to the front of your industry.


Architectural stability is becoming a constant challenge in today’s innovation, and business issues like heavy customization, security, and other vulnerabilities can really impact your bottom line. If your top business priority is simplifying your IT infrastructure or improving the overall performance of your legacy system, call QCM – Our experts have more than 300 years of experience with computers, hardware, software, and networks.

We ensure your business systems are functioning efficiently to meet your needs of today and goals of tomorrow, making sure you get the infrastructure and aritecture you need.



Modernizing IT Infrastructure



How To Get Your IT Budget Funded


IT Asset Management is an important part of an organization's strategy. It involves obtaining detailed hardware and software inventory information, including lifecycle costs and risks, then making decisions about purchases and redistribution to maximize the use and value of your technology environment and future goals.

We can show you how to manage your systems more effectively, and save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary purchases and promoting the proper use of your existing resources.


Does your organization have the ability to run an open system?

An Open System Database combines both portability and the ability of a computer’s system or software to exchange and make use of information between different vendors and platforms, rather than being limited by proprietary operating systems. These source options will offer different features, and vary in terms of what platforms they can run, whether it be Linux, Windows, or others. we'll assess your current infrastructure and design a system that cuts costs and build up productivity.



Prepare Your Data Center for Business Disruptors



When it Comes to Security, Protection and Performance Matter


At QCM, we understand that while effective and vigilant IT security is critical to your business, enhanced security solutions cannot be allowed to disrupt the normal operation of applications in your IT system. We take a holistic approach to developing the best security solutions to meet your needs. This means developing strategies to reduce vulnerabilities while protecting the operational integrity of your IT system.

QCM understands all phases of the threat management life cycle and with our agentless scans, you have access to security measures in and out of the office.


To have functionality for your clients, you need a server that will let you customize your communications, data transfers, messaging, storage, event logging, and more. Your server’s configuration has to take your business needs into account in order to support your operations.

We are happy to work with you and discuss your server needs in order for you to obtain optimum system performance.



Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Using ISCSI


QCM Technologies is the foremost infrastructure and storage management integrator in the southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, offering our customers the best storage solutions for their companies, at the best prices. Our account executives and technical staff will conduct an assessment of your existing storage infrastructure, and THEN design a solution that will meet your specific needs and support your organization’s business plan.

Our goal is to support your organization today and in the year’s ahead as capacity requirements change and as new technologies are developed.office.


Virtualization has fast become the preferred solution for companies looking to control the growth of their physical IT infrastructure and reduce overall IT costs while they enhance both system security and disaster reovery capabilities.

QCM brings more than 300 years of experience supporting the foundational technologies that are now being moved to virtual environments. Indeed, QCM believes so firmly in virtualization technologies that we use it to run our own infrastructure.



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