LoadMaster: Powering the Internet of Things

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The promises of greater efficiency, agility, and cost-savings are driving an increasing number of enterprises toward cloud computing. Today’s technology now allows these enterprises to extend the benefits of cloud computing to their emerging Internet of Things (IoT) workloads.

Research shows that the IoT is disrupting markets and IT organizations worldwide. This revolution, in turn, is changing the economics and agility in many markets. With this change comes growth in IoT device data, analysis, and integration with back-end systems, along with the subsequent IoT feedback and control that will improve business outcomes and quality of life in general. As the leader in load balancing, Kemp Technologies recognize and understand that traditional load balancers are not suited for these new developments, especially in terms of the predicted growth of IoT.

Leading technology research company Gartner predicts:

• By 2020, there will be 25 billion connected IoT devices, with a compound annual growth rate of 35%

• By 2018, the number of new connections for IoT devices will exceed all other new connections for interoperability and integration combined.

Despite these benefits, the business and technical challenges of managing and capitalizing on the proliferation of IoT adoption remain daunting to many IT organizations. Moreover, the challenges in designing and deploying largescale IoT solutions are enormous due to the rigidity, poor elasticity, and limited dependability of traditional products. Consider that:

• Traditional IoT solutions are rigid and inflexible because they are tailored specifically to solve a problem and are not designed for flexible customization, utility-oriented delivery, and granular consumption.

• IoT devices are not built to scale dynamically to respond to varying loads.

• The general measure of availability, reliability, and maintainability of traditional IoT solutions is poor.

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