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You have goals for your IT strategy. In order to move forward, you first need to calculate your current arsenal to determine what solutions you may need to meet your future goals.

There are many considerations to take into account, and we are heavily experienced to guide you through the process of identifying your current tools, to advising on what you need to meet your strategy goals. Let us assess your current environment and you’ll be on your first step to moving forward.



The IT Worker Bucket List



Simplify and Automate Cloud Management


QCM has bundled some highly requested services to help your business keep up to date with new technologies and to keep you up and running so you can provide the best service to your customers!

We provide VMware health checks, planning, designing, implementation, consolidation assessments, active directory health checks, IT managed services, and more.

Business Continuity

As more and more business-critical data are stored in electronic format, Business Continuity, including Disaster Recover and High Availability, has become essential for corporate IT managers to protect their users and customers from system failures, sabotage, or natural disasters.

With our expertise in such areas as virtualization and hardware redundancy, QCM can help you develop the right “business continuity and disaster recovery” (BCDR) solution for your company. High availability is critical in today’s economy!

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Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

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Moving to the Cloud


Cloud services virtually eliminate the need for large infrastructure investment, allowing customers to obtain IT services without major capital expenditures.

Because cash flow is a top concern for many of these organizations, small to large size businesses are ideal candidates for prepackaged cloud solutions offered at predictable monthly rates.


Grow your business without the worry of managing updates, patches, and upgrades, or assess full risk-considered integrations of new applications or customized features. We can upgrade your current Exchange with the latest editions, using our expert certified technicians. Choose on premise, hybrid, or a complete move to the cloud, and make your business more productive, effective, and profitable.



Creating a More Productive Workplace and Workforce

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A Flash Enabled Hub


We offer database services to help manage our database via cloud computing. No physical hardware or software to install, and it's always configured for performance. Reduced costs, automated back-ups, ensured security, and efficient and safe increased speed of performance. You can also test and develop stages of your database application on a public cloud, and once it's ready, move it to a permanent system with ease.

Let our team of experts prove how we can offer you these benefits today.


Grow your business without the worry of managing updates, patches, and upgrades. With QCM, we can upgrade your current Exchange with the latest editions, with certified Exchange consultants. Choose on premise, hybrid, or a complete move to the cloud - either way, it's simple, stress free, and always up and running.

Keep employees connected with a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 – Using Hyper-V

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Carlsbad Municipal School District Goes To the Top of the Class


Architectural stability is becoming a constant challenge in today’s innovation, and business issues like heavy customization, security, and other vulnerabilities can really impact your bottom line. If your top business priority is simplifying your IT infrastructure, or improving the overall performance of your legacy system, call us. Our experts have over 350 combined years of time-tested experience with computers, hardware, software, and networks.

We will ensure your business systems are functioning efficiently to meet your needs of today and goals of tomorrow, and we won’t sell you what you don’t need – our customers can attest to this.


Ransomware, viruses, phishing, data breaches, voice technology, email compromise and lack of regulation enforcement are all daily potential risks that can affect your business. One way to calculate a company’s IT Risk Management is through the basic formula of ‘Threat x Vulnerability x Asset = RISK’ - because risk is strictly defined on uncertainty, now is the time for you to have an expert on your side.

We have the experts with the proven experience and know-how to help your organization identify risk and keep it from affecting the integrity of your business.

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Unified Threat Management

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Accelerating Network Virtualization Overlays


Challenges in information security is constantly evolving, whether it’s protecting information, or harboring against security attacks. By working with QCM, you'll have access to our professional, proficient, and experienced staff to prepare the most informed business decisions with your risk profile.

We'll simplify the complexity of running security services, provide you with useful analysis, and maintain your business integrity by supporting its need to be both modular and scalable.


Collaboration technology encompasses a broad range of tools designed to address that challenge. These tools include instant messaging, social networking, audio conferencing, VoIP, and a growing number of new technologies.

Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of CEOs have identified collaboration as a critical organizational tool to facilitate future innovation. QCM offers a variety of collaboration, Exchange, VOIP, and IBM/Lotus Notes solutions to deliver better productivity to your business.



How Collaboration is Driving IoT Innovation



Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016


A well-executed platform migration keeps your systems and your business humming. QCM can help evaluate migration and upgrade opportunities. We can build a realistic business case, including stability, speed, support and/or functionality gains versus immediate and long-term costs.

We can help you design a new upgraded infrastructure that will take you into the future years with confidence that you are running the best and most current software and hardware products.


Does your organization have the ability to run an open system?

An Open System Database combines both portability and the ability of a computer’s system or software to exchange and make use of information between different vendors and platforms, rather than being limited by proprietary operating systems. These source options will offer different features, and vary in terms of what platforms they can run, whether it be Linux, Windows, or others. With QCM Technologies, we'll assess your current infrastructure and design a system that cut costs and build up productivity.



Composability Delivers the Data Center of the Future

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Five Ways All-Flash Storage Fuels IT Transformation


We’re more than an IT reseller.

We offer consulting, design, training and implementation services, assuming the responsibility to continue your business' success. When you let us manage your IT infrastructure, you get a trusted technology advisor, qualified experts, and solutions for today and beyond.


The primary challenge of Project Management is to achieve all of the project goals within a given time, budget, quality, and scope. Many additional factors can come into play, and if not predicted, can really put a dent in your IT goals.

Leave the challenges of Project Management to QCM, where we have the experience and ingenuity to be able to predict many potential issues and save you a big headache.



5 Ways To Transform Your Workplace for the Digital Age

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Empowering Your Mobile Workforce


Sometimes, technology doesn't work 24/7. A file can't be accessed after hours or something is happening on the server on a Saturday.

When it comes to Remote Services, QCM Technologies can provide you with expert service from anywhere, reducing delays in your service, while reducing the costs of having an onsite tech. We can provide 24/7/365 network monitoring, and are able to handle security concerns with efficiency. Contact QCM today for more information.


QCM can help with the development of project-based teams that feature a variety of skill sets and that are designed to meet specific needs (for a fixed period of time) and to complement the strengths and skills of your internal teams. We will help you navigate through a broad range of staffing models that drive more value for your organization.

Examples of these approaches include supplemental staffing; fractional or scheduled staffing; reverse outsourcing and supplemental teams.

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Data Back Up & Replication



Prepare Your Data Center for Business Disruptors


Our technicians and enterprise architects have an in-depth knowledge of software, systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem solving skills. We are able to skillfully orchestrate your needs with our partner solutions to improve your infrastructure, and ensure that your entire system functions as required. We are your trusted Systems Integrator, with over 300 years of combined IT experience.


Until lately, User Authentication has consisted of a simple ID and password combination. Now, more authentication factors are added to improve the security of communications. The reliability of authentication is affected by both the number of factors involved and the specific technologies and the manner in which they are implemented. Well-designed and appropriately enforced implementation rules can help ensure the security of user authentication.

Our techs will take a look at your business needs and system requirements to implement the best user authentication process to keep your business on track.

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Client Virtualization with Dell and VMware Horizon

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Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Using ISCSI


Simplify the task of your network admin team with access to the same data through a uniformed network path. That's the power of Windows Active Directory, allowing employees to access shared network folders and printers from the local network.

You want the best functionality for your office and our team has the experience to guide you in the best ways to maximize your directory.

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